About JJ Semple


Author of two award winning screenplays: EVERYONE WANTS TO MAKE MOVIES and LITTLE DAN, JJ Semple is a writer and publisher. Along with noted Kundalini authority, Gopi Krishna, he is a pioneer in the field of New Consciouness Research. His two books on Kundalini, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time and The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death, are acknowledged milestones in the biology of consciouness.

I don't see any difference between writing non-fiction books with 100,000 words or children's fiction with a few hundred words. The process is the same: lateral thinking, attention to detail, being a cold-hearted, ruthless critic of your own work, and finally a lot of rewriting. I love the challenge of working in multimedia, which is where publishing is headed. Soon there may not be any more printed books. We have to prepare for new ways of communication. Zardoz Press wants to be at the forefront in bringing multicultural books to new platforms.

JJ Semple worked in publications for Apple Computer. He taught writing and multimedia at The American University in Paris. Currently, he's a publisher for Life Force Books, of which Zardoz Press is an imprint. Zardoz Press is committed to creating multicultural books in all media formats.

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