About Véronique Semple

Véronique Semple's lifelong interest in children led to the development of the Ooga-Ooum series.

Creating fiction books allows me a new way to reach children. It's a wonderful outlet. I love the energy of the creative process and the balance it brings to my life. Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum isn't all ghosts and monsters; I also wanted to address fear of the dark, as well as childhood fears in general, in an entertaining, amusing fashion. The story isn't an extract of various traditions; it's a blend of every cultural experience I've lived through.

Véronique Semple thought about Halloween a lot, a holiday which, given her French origin, she didn't quite understand. Children dressing up and canvassing the neiborhood for candy? What was that all about? Nothing like it in France. One afternoon Véronique decided to sit down and write an outline for a children's story about Halloween in French — thinking that perhaps by writing about it, she might come better understand it.

JJ Semple recognized the originality of her story. He translated it and added dialogue, action, editing, and shaped it into scenes.

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