The Ooga-Ooum Books – a multicultural children's series

Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum is the first in the series of
 beautifully illustrated multicultural children’s books. Other titles in the series, namely Middle School Ooga-Ooum, Basketball Ooga-Ooum, Ooga-Ooga High School, Valentine's Day Ooga-Ooum will follow shortly. All titles feature the Luna family. Over the years, we watch the family face a variety of challenges — in school, at home, in sports, at work.

Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum is through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You can order it from your favorite local bookstore. In March 2012, Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum received the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - Winter 2012.

Got an iPad? Then the eBook version for iPad is for you. It features Apple's sensational Read Alound feature that highlights each word as it's read. Children love it; parents love it, too because it speeds up a child's word recognition and reading ability.


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