Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum

Cecil Luna is afraid of the dark

Three-year old Cecil Luna is afraid of the dark. He frequently wakes up believing there’s a ghost in his room and wanting to sleep with his parents. To help him overcome his fear of the dark, his mother throws a special Halloween party. The neighborhood kids dress up as monsters, scaring Cecil with the ghostly chant (Ooga-Ooga-Ooum) he hears when he wakes up alone and scared in his room.

After he realizes the monsters are only the neighborhood kids in costume, Cecil dresses up as a werewolf, joins the party, and declares himself no longer afraid of the dark.

After the party, Cecil’s father reveals the family legend: Some trick and treaters are real ghosts who still crave sweets. It’s essential to leave candy and treats to appease them. If you don’t, they can get in the house. Once they’re inside, says his father, the only way to get rid of them is to trick them. What do you think happens one Halloween night when the family is visiting Grandma and they forget to leave treats and goodies?

How do You Trick a Ghost?

Once they get in your house, ghosts and monsters can be difficult to get rid of. You have to trick them, and that’s not easy — unless you read Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum — the book that shows you how to trick a ghost.

Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum

By JJ & Véronique Semple

Illustrations by Suzette Turner

Published by Zardoz Press, Box 302, Bayside, CA 95524.

Saddle Stitched version

ISBN: 978-0-9795331-5-0

Dimensions: 8.5x11in.

Price: $9.95

Case Bound (Hard Cover) version

ISBN: 978-0-9795331-6-7

Dimensions: 8.5x11in.

Price: $17.95

38 pages


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Halloween Ooga-Ooga-Ooum - Véronique Semple, JJ Semple & Suzette Turner

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